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Elastoplast wound spray ingredients

Elastoplast Wound Spray is an easy to use spray for the cleansing of minor acute wounds such as cuts, abrasions, first and minor second-degree burns and open blisters. It can also be used for chronic wounds and postoperative wound care as per your doctor’s instructions. The Elastoplast Wound Spray also helps to remove crusts or clotted dressings.

Sensitive wound protection in light, medium and dark shades. the Elastoplast fast healing plasters have been designed to help speed up the healing process up to 2 times compared to normal dry plasters. These unique fast healing plaster are suitable for covering all types of smaller wounds and for optimal use should be worn for several days. This Elastoplast Wound Healing Ointment is designed to help promote healing of small cuts, scratches, grazes and other skin abrasions. The ointment can be easily applied and creates a breathable film which protects the wound from drying out. The ointment can be applied topically to minor skin injuries like cuts and scratches, or 1st degree burns.

RRP: $13.04 (inc GST) In Stock. Product Code: 46908. Add to Cart. Brand: Elastoplast. Description. Elastoplast Cold Spray provides pain relief from minor sport related injuries. Spray directly onto contusions, sprains and strains for immediate relief. Works as a form of cold therapy, numbing the affected area while decreasing swelling.

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Buy Elastoplast Wound Spray 100ml and other Elastoplast products at Elastoplast Wound Spray 100ml - Feelunique Elastoplast Wound Spray is a skin-friendly, sting free spray to cleanse wounds.

Elastoplast Wound Spray is an antiseptic spray for wound cleansing. This easy to use spray is suitable for acute wounds such as cuts, abrasions, first and minor second degree burns, along.

Hansaplast Wound Healing Ointment Hansaplast Wound Spray MDAMD 0326/2022 Glaxosmithkline Consumer Healthcare Sdn. Bhd. Polident Denture Adhesive Cream ... Elastoplast Fabric bandages are extra flexible and ideal for joints, ... Hansaplast Wound Healing Ointment ingredients (Explained) Hansaplast Wound Healing Ointment For wounds and.

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